Osiris Camera

The Osiris Camera is the original world leading specialist camera designed specifically for use in infrared reflectography. Created in collaboration with the National Gallery (London), the Osiris was the first infrared imaging system to provide high-resolution, high-speed images in a portable camera. It's provided the springboard for us to go on and develop our Apollo camera, a new standard in infrared reflectography.

Whether studying underdrawing, researching the history and provenance of a painting or documenting restoration works, the Osiris is a sensitive, high-resolution camera for infrared reflectography (IRR) - just ask our users.

The Osiris features an internal mechanical scanning system to create high-quality, 16 megapixel images using a leading InGaAs line sensor. This is driven by a microcontroller at the heart of the camera to move the infrared sensor with precision and accuracy while it captures up to 64 individual reflectograms.

These are sent to a PC via USB connection where our dedicated software automatically assembles and stitches them into a full resolution reflectogram mosaic. Unlike other solutions, this level of automation requires no extra input from the user.

Zoom features within the software mean you can easily take a closer look at particular details and features, or you can use our selection tools to only capture a set region of interest when investigating a painting.

The Camera

  • High resolution images (16 megapixel)
  • Object resolution down to 0.05mm (0.002 inches)
  • Single, finished image produced in minutes, without the need for further processing
  • User-selectable integration time
  • Selectable depth of field using lens aperture
  • Small enough to be carried in airline hand luggage
  • Standard lens; 200mm to infinity, while our optional Macro Lens accessory extends down to objects just 35mm in size

The Osiris comes packaged in a robust, wheeled flight case that is small enough to meet airline hand luggage restrictions. This makes it easy to transport the camera, whether it’s to the next studio, or half way around the world.

The Software

Our control and automation software comes included with the camera and provides everything you need to acquire images in a single package. You can also use our Osiris Parameter Calculator to make setting up your equipment easier than ever. So long as you know the size of your painting, the Calculator makes it simple to find the optimum positioning and focus settings for the camera.

  • Automated stitching of 64 individual reflectograms
  • Automatic image calibration
  • Selectable integration time, from high quality to fast scan
  • Zoom features to study fine details
  • Fast focus mode to allow the best focus to be attained quickly
  • Black-level calibrations simply controlled by PC display