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Opus Instruments has and continues to sponsor and exhibit at conferences and events in the field of cultural heritage conservation.

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Opus is attending the CHNT conference 2023

Ayuntamiento de Viena Vienna

Opus is attending The International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, Vienna, November 15th...

Discovery What Lies Beneath

Infrared Reflectography (IRR) is a non-invasive method of studying a painting by looking beneath the visible layers of paint. This allows you to examine the underdrawing along with any changes or pentimenti present in the work. Modern sensor technologies, such as the InGaAs sensor used in the Opus Instruments Osiris and Apollo Cameras, allow us to build on these techniques with higher resolution and improved sensitivity to reveal a painting’s secrets like never before.

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The Osiris Camera has been indispensable for the past ten years

Apollo Camera Opus Instruments

An introduction to Opus Instruments

Apollo camera demonstration