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Opus Instruments

We are delighted to announce that we are developing a new camera within the Opus brand. We have identified the need for a portable NIR camera that can rapidly acquire images at high pixel counts, but at a more accessible price. At Opus, we envisage that this camera will appeal to those wanting to start in the field of Infra-read reflectography (IRR), particularly if you are also in a training role. 

Our new camera offers the ability to quickly assess a subject for potential regions of interest that you can then explore in more depth with our Apollo camera. It will feature a specialist IR coated lens that will allow you focus the camera in a similar way to a conventional camera. The included software will be simple to operate and will allow you to save the image in a variety of formats.


Please check out our specifications below and reach out with any questions, we can’t wait to hear from you.

  • Approximate weight 2Kg
  • Mount: traditional tripod screw attachment (size?)
  • Specialist lens with IR coatings
  • Focusing method: Rotating lens collar
  • f/stops: f1.4 to f16
  • Sensor: Monochrome 60MP
  • Sensitivity Range: Up to 1150 nm
  • Imaging sensor: Thermoelectrically cooled
  • Digitization: 16bit
  • Interface: USB 3
  • 12v power supply
  • Windows 10/11

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Infrared photography at the National Museum of Norway. Photo Annar Bjorgli/The National Musuem.

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