Research & Publications

Below are some links to further research and publications featuring our cameras, along with more general research in the field of infrared reflectography.

Saving Saraha – Conservation of a Tibetan thangka

British Museum


Closer to Jan van Eyck

VERONA and the Closer to Van Eyck projects


Research into the work process of 15th and 16th-century painters via infrared reflectography

Flemish Research Centre for the arts in the Burgundian Netherlands of Musea Brugge


The ‘Two Tax Gatherers’

Marinus van Reymerswale: Original and Replica
National Gallery Technical Bulletin Vol 24, pp50-63.
Author/s: Paul Ackroyd, Rachel Billinge, Lorne Campbell and Jo Kirby


‘Van Gogh’s Sunflowers illuminated’

Edited by Ella Hendriks and Marije Vellekoop



Cranach Research Institute
(German Language)


Pigments through the Ages: Infrared Light



A Scanning Device for Wide Band Infrared Reflectography: A scientific approach to know the works of art

Eva Peccenini