Apollo Camera

Apollo is the new standard in infrared reflectography. Following in the footsteps of the world-renowned Osiris Camera, Apollo uses an internal scanning mechanism to produce high-quality, high-resolution infrared reflectograms with an unparalleled level of clarity and detail.

These can be used to study various aspects of a painting, from changes to underdrawings and pentimenti in the work, to underpainting and transmission of pigments at different wavelengths when using our Filter Set. If you're looking to create detailed, high quality, high resolution infrared images, Apollo is the IR camera system for you.


Opus Instruments Apollo Camera

In contrast to Osiris’s line sensor, Apollo uses an area sensor to capture thousands of tiles that are all automatically and seamlessly stitched using our new advanced imaging software.

This latest infrared camera represents a huge improvement in dynamic range, capturing fine details even across demanding light and dark areas of your subject. An adjustable histogram within the software allows you to get the most out of this dynamic range, both when viewing an infrared reflectogram, and to help you get the most out of your lighting when setting up.

A variety of pre-set exposure times mean you can adapt your settings to your subject and respond to the demands of your subject. This is particularly good news if you plan on making use of the Opus Instruments filter set that allows you to study transmission of pigments at different bands within the spectral sensitivity of the camera.

  • High resolution (up to 26MP images)
  • Higher image quality due to high dynamic range (HDR)
  • New custom software
  • Advanced automated stitching
  • Adjustable histogram and image display
  • 16bit data allows you to explore detail in both light and dark regions

Using an area sensor also allows us to provide a live preview of the current image tile that can be updated in real time. This is fantastic news for focusing and greatly reduces the time it takes to get set up.

With a pixel pitch of 20µm, Apollo captures high resolution images over the same area as Osiris, while taking advantage of sensor cooling to reduce noise. Making use of the entire imaging area will give you a ~26MP image that can be saved in a variety of file formats including TIFF and PNG to ensure you can keep all of your data in a format that suits you.

All of this comes packaged in a robust flight case, keeping the full portability and accessibility of Osiris so you’re ready to follow wherever your research takes you.