Osiris Parameter Calculator

The Osiris might be the most intuitive imaging system for infrared reflectography, but while the sensor peeks through layers of paint and our software stitches the results into a seamless mosaic, there’s still one bit you have to take care of – setting it all up.

There are two key parts to getting the most out of your imaging sessions:

  • Setting your camera at the right distance from your object
  • Getting the camera into focus

Previously the look-up graphs in the user manual were the only tools available to help you. While using a look-up graph is all well and good, we think it’s much quicker, simpler and easier to use our new Osiris Parameter Calculator. All you need to know is the length of your painting’s longest edge, and your required depth of field, and the calculator can tell you the rest.

Download the Osiris Parameters Calculator



Full instructions are available within the application, or over on our Parameters Calculator page.