The Year in Review

By Lewis Brown on

What a year it has been here at Opus Instruments! The biggest change to our products was made as a result of the continuing success of the Apollo camera, which compelled us to release a software update that saw significant improvement in areas such as image stitching and acquisition, in addition to improving the overall image quality through enhanced calibration adjustments. A further, and popular, addition to the Opus product range came in the form of filter sets. These filter sets allow the user to split the spectral sensitivity of the Osiris and Apollo cameras into three bands which helps uncover varying changes and aspects of a painting in pigments that may not be visible at longer or shorter wavelengths.

Opus Projects

Year in review - Kandinksy

Perhaps one of the most exciting experiences for the Opus team this year came at the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery in London. This saw the Apollo camera being used to produce revelatory images of the underdrawings of a panel that was made for the San Francesco Altarpiece in Milan, “The Virgin of the Rocks”.

Additionally, the Opus team also took the opportunity to visit Zurich and observe a work by Kandinsky. Using the Apollo camera, the team delved beneath the paint in an attempt to uncover the underdrawings of the Russian artist.

Our final project had a more local flavour as we joined Dr Lucy Wrapson of the Hamilton Kerr Institute for a day to investigate what laid beneath the thick layers of lead white and ochre overpaint on rood screens at Saint Mary’s Church in North Elmham, England. A case study on this project is set to be released in the New Year.

Further to these projects, the Opus team was also present at a some high profile exhibitions across the year. We were at the AIC’s 47th meeting in New England as we exhibited the Apollo camera and engaged in fascinating discussions on art conservation and the advances that are occurring in the field. Additionally, we were present at the TechnArt International Conference. This event brought together some of the brightest minds in the art and technology fields, and provided an insight into what the future may hold as the two continue to crossover.

Looking Ahead

Looking forward to 2020, it promises to be another big year for Opus instruments as our production team in Lisbon are set to move into larger, state-of-the-art premises which will allow the team to further increase productivity and take advantage of advanced production techniques.

Furthermore, in 2019 we welcomed Sales and Marketing Director, Jason Evans, and Business Development Executive, Catherine Wilkinson, to the Opus team and the pair will be attending the BAPCR conference at the Wallace Collection in London on the 31st January 2020 and the AIC conference in Salt Lake City.

The Opus team would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support of Opus and the Osiris and Apollo camera in 2019, we hope that you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and look forward to another great year in 2020!