About Us

Opus Instruments are the team behind the Osiris camera, the world's leading camera for infrared reflectography (IRR). It's been used to examine hundreds of artworks at leading institutions and art galleries around the world and has made notable contributions within the fields of both art conservation and art history.

With a background in optical technology, Laurence Robinson founded Opus Instruments after consulting with the National Gallery (London) on updating their system for the infrared inspection of paintings. In 2014, Opus Instruments joined the Scientific Digital Imaging (SDI Plc) group who have experience with imaging systems from cell research to astrophotography.

In 2016, Opus have joined forces with another member of SDI Plc, Atik Cameras, the leading European manufacturer of CCD cameras used in astronomy and the life sciences. They have been building Osiris cameras since 2014, and now bring over ten years of imaging expertise to the development and support of Opus Instruments.

The Team

Steve Chambers

steve bw

Steve has a background in novel Electronics design and scientific imaging. He founded Artemis CCD Ltd in 2006 in order to serve the life science and astronomical imaging market with high-quality cooled CCD cameras which are designed in-house and sold under the Atik Cameras brand. He is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In 2014 he was involved in the acquisition of Opus Instruments by SDI PLC and the subsequent incorporation of that business within Artemis CCD Ltd. Steve is now applying his interest in creative approaches to imaging to the study of fine art.

Andrew Kirby

Andrew bw

Andrew is a Physicist with a background of nearly three decades in scientific research, particularly using various types of high resolution microscopy. He builds, services and supports the Osiris cameras here in the UK. If you need advice on how to get the best out of your camera, or if it needs some care and attention, he is the person to contact.

Jo Surzyn

Jo bw

Jo has a background in Photography and Poetry developed during her time at Norwich University College of the Arts. Combined with an ever-growing interest in digital technologies, she has always been drawn to the overlapping areas between art and science. She looks after both sales and marketing for Opus Instruments, and ensures you have all the information and resources you need to successfully image works of art.

Tom Clarke

Tom bw

Tom is a Software and Electronics Engineer with a background in mathematics and software development. Having dabbled in electronics in his spare time, he’s as happy with a soldering iron in hand as he is with coding UI applications. He’s now working on the development of Opus Instruments, both from a hardware and software perspective.